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Premium Interior Spa

Benefits of Cleaning and Detailing a Vehicle’s Interior

- Feel Good Factor

Clean drive and smooth drive go hand in hand. Feel the pride of driving a clean car. Clean interiors create a positive impression about you. A clean interior smells good, looks neat and feels comfortable to sit in even when you are covering a long distance.

- Enhancement of Aesthetic Appeal increases Vehicle Value

Have you ever gone to a second-hand dealer showroom and sat inside a car, for a test drive? The dull and untidy interior topped with peculiar stench will leave you feeling sick.

Thus apart from the functionality, the aesthetic appeal is also taken into consideration by the buyer. This greatly determines the resale value.

- Fresh and Hygienic

Thorough cleaning of car interiors and compartments for removing the dust and stains. Application of disinfectants and sprays to kill the germs, bacteria and insects hiding inside the car. Hence, you get a hygienic and germ free interior.

- Removes Scratches, Dirt and Stains

Vehicle seats, carpet, shoddy material, dash mats, headliners, air bags, gear kick knobs, dashboard, etc., get scratch marks and stains when kept uncleaned for months. Also, if you have kids, they unknowingly scratch the glasses and leather covers.

 Interior detailing can help you remove these defects effectively and efficiently.

Increases the Durability of Seats, Floor mats etc.

Regular care and maintenance keeps the leather upholstery, floor mats, carpets and plastics in good condition. Application of protective layers of chemicals makes the leather upholstery look newer, brighter and they become more durable and weather resistant.

Best way to do it:

- Choose an Interior Spa Package offered by us.

The services include

  • Methodical detailed Vaccum cleaning
  • Trims and Vinyl Plastic cleaning
  • Interior Deodorizing
  • Cleaning Windows and Mirrors
  • Cleaning of Carpet
  • Upholstery Shampooing and Conditioning
  • Application of Protectants on leather, knobs, handles, buttons and vents.

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