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Teflon Coating

Teflon Coating

Teflon Coating, is a coating on body of the car. Basically, Teflon is a chemical form of synthetic fluoropolymer, which is non-sticky and reduces friction on the material applied upon.

Even, it increases the ability of material applied upon to prevent Car Paint against common problems of corrosion or wear and tear in both high and low temperatures

Benefits of Teflon Coating

Car Paint will begin to shine after Teflon Coating and even minor scratches will also be removed.

If you stay in Humid City, the car will be more prone to Rusting, Teflon Coating acts as a Anti Rusting Layer on the car.

Teflon Coating helps in Improving the Paint Life of the car.

Difference Between Teflon Coating and Exterior Spa

The original difference between Teflon Coating and Exterior Spa is that Teflon coating, adds one more protective layer of surface coating on the car. While Exterior Spa is more like Rubbing the Surface of the car to clean and make it shine. However, Wax is applied in Exterior Spa. Once the surface becomes smooth after Rubbing Coat, the wax coat is applied to improve paint life and simultaneously increases the Paint shine.

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