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Long Drive Inspection

Before you leave home, for a Long Drive

A little pre-trip care and attention promises you, your next smooth road trip and drive.

A holiday drive, can quickly become a journey to forget, if you run into mechanical problems with your vehicle. Carcare24by7 will be there to help, but as it is said Prevention is better than cure.

Highway driving places more strain on many of your car's components, particularly tyres, the cooling and engine lubrication systems. Higher speeds, heavy load and high summer temperatures can spell disaster if your car is not in good condition.

The distance travelled may be a few thousand kilometres more, since your last service, yet it is advisable to give your car a Complete Long Drive Inspection before you leave. This is the best way to spot potential disasters, fix them before they cause trouble, and have a secured and safe drive.

Long Drive Inspection

35 main action points (some highlights below)

  • Engine Oil Top-up
  • Air Filter Clean
  • AC Filter Cleaning
  • Disk Brake Servicing
  • Wheel Nut Torque
  • Electrical Check-up
  • Check and Top-up the Clutch Fluid
  • Power Steering Reservoir
  • Brake fluid level Top-up
  • Windscreen Washer Fluid Change

Lubricants used are as per the Vehicle Specifications and Manufacturer Guidelines

In case of any additional work a proper estimation is provided and work approval is taken from the Customer

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