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Full Car Service

Why Car Serving is important?

Regular servicing of your car makes the drive smooth, increases fuel efficiency, minimises the risk of break-down and avoids unexpected expense and repair.
It is a false belief to avoid regular car servicing, as expected wear and tear requiring minor maintenance, can soon become a costly and major repair or replacement.

Do you know exactly what a Service comprises?

Surveys state that 90% of motorists don’t know what is included when their vehicle is serviced – not surprising.

We have an exhaustive service checklist which ensures transparency of our services and a checkpoint for you.

With the help of our experts we have defined a comprehensive service checklist so that when you book our services you know exactly what work takes place on your vehicle.


Full Car Service

70 main action points (some highlights below)

  • Change of Engine Oil and Oil Filter.
  • Express Maintenance
  • Coolant or Antifreeze Liquid Top-up
  • Clutch Fluid Top-up
  • Power Steering Fluid Top-up
  • Brake Fluid Level Check and Top-up
  • Windscreen Washer Fluid Change
  • Battery Water Top-up for non-sealed battery units

Lubricants used are as per the Vehicle Specifications and Manufacturer Guidelines

Technician Checks:

  • Spark Plugs Cleaning and Adjustments
  • Cleaning Air filter
  • Cleaning AC Filter
  • Disk Brake Servicing
  • Electrical Check-up
  • Detailed Vehicle Inspection


In case of any additional work a proper estimation is provided and work approval is taken from the Customer

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