Why oil change is important?

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Why Oil change is important?

March 14, 2017

Car Engine has a lot of moving and rotating parts which needs proper lubrication. Lubrication of all moving and rotating parts is the function of Engine Oil. As the Car is driven, Engine Oil progressively degrades. It loses its lubricating elements and carbonizes under high temperatures. If Engine Oil is changed regularly, it helps keeping the Car Engine clean and proper lubricated from inside. If the car is driven for more duration or kilometers past the periodic Oil change interval, the friction slowly starts increasing causing mechanical wear and the engine gradually gets contaminated with carbon deposits. Through the engine ventilation system these carbon deposits slowly move into the engine intake and gets settled inside the throttle body and on the valves. This cause problems like poor pickup, rough idling and various Engine related issues. If you don't remember when you have done your last oil change, check the Engine Oil with the dipstick; if it looks contaminated or greasy, get the Engine Oil and Oil filter replaced.

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